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Children's furniture with Scandinavian Style

The Dyyni RockerComfort, style fun. It's hard to do the Dyyni justice in mere words.

The Dyyni is a perfect hiding place. A place you can feel comfortable and safe, where you can fall asleep with a smile and dream about your next adventure.

The Dyyni is both a rocker and a climber. Thanks to its‘ design geometry the Dyyni is completely stable and safe. Add a perfect touch of colour to your home. This is one toy your kids can leave lying around.

it's the ideal platform for developing sensory motor skills, test balance and improves coordination. It‘s a miniogym where you want to go regardless of age. It's Montessori-inspired design uses physiotheraputic aspects to make it both relaxing and stimulating.

Further. it is the perfect addition to any beach that you can easily take with you. More than one? Dyynis stacks. It is light. It is wonderfully durable. It washes easily. and it can even play your favourite music.

We offer 2 different covers. Both versions come in different colours, which you can easily change. you can even alternate the type of cover if you so wish: elastic wrap-around (protected edge) or velcro (exposed plywood edge)

The Dyyni can be a stage, a castle. a cave, shield against wind and sun. It's what ever you want it to be. The only limit is your imagination.




(Light Weight)






Hide and seek

King of the hill



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Wide colour choise
Technical specifications

Removable, machine washable cover. 100% PES Aquaclean TM Stain resistant fabric. Available to be purchased separately in different colours.

Water resistant European Beech plywood, sourced in sustainable for- ests. Certifiably harmless to nature and children and adults

Length: 900m, Width: 75 cm, Height: 43 cm, Weight : 7 kg

Designed, produced and certified in the European Union By NYYrLl ltd: EN 71- 1.2.3, 8