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Children's furniture with Scandinavian Style

Dyyni Extras

The Bluetooth speaker

Dyyni has 2 different textile cover choices, one suitable for children where the cover wraps around the edges to protect sensitive fingers and the other with the handsomely-curved plywood edge exposed. Both choices come in a variety of Aquaclean colours, which means they can be washed clean without detergents. Different colours can be purchased separately. Every Dyyni shell is made to be compatible with both cover versions.

Add a water and dust proof bluetooth speaker for your pleasure in the Dyyni. The Bluetooth speaker comes as an extra.

Dyyni Cover Colors

UnoDueTre Extras

Castello and Zanzara

UnoDueTre comes packed in a sturdy carrying bag, accessories include Castello, and Zanzara. As UnoDueTre, the names come from the Italian language, Castello = castle and Zanzara = mosquito.

As the names suggests, Zanzara is a mosquito protection for the Uno and Due configurations of the bed (see gallery picture to right). It’s very simple to add. No tools are needed.

Castello is a further addition to place on top of Zanzara that makes the Uno and Due bed configurations into a play house. Castello can be used with or without the bassinet in the Uno configuration. It can be either a stand-alone play house or a house where your child sleeps on first floor (see picture below).