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Children's furniture with Scandinavian Style

Frequently Asked Questions
All your questions answered about Nyytli

  • Will Nyytli come out with new products soon?

    Products are constantly evolving and developing. Now after our re-organisation we have more resources to work on the new products now in prototyping phase.

    New products include:

    High Chair, Changing table, Mobile Storage Unit. Uno on wheels, Uno/Due Castle Playhouse. Anti-Mosquito canopy

  • How does UnoDueTre differ from the Uno?

    The Uno/Due/Tre is not a departure from the Uno. It is two original additions that add fun and longevity to your original purpose. We’ve never seen anything like it and we are betting you haven’t either!

    It works like this: the Uno bed adapts its function as your child grows. When your child is ready to graduate from the Uno crib, the Due bed is waiting for him. Just a simple adjustment, and voila, there it is: the Due—a bed good for your child for several more years. When your youngster outgrows the Due, the Tre sofa is waiting, an attractive piece of furniture (which requires again only a small adjustment) serviceable until age 10. With Uno/Due/Tre your initial investment shows dividends.

    Uno/Due/Tre! You’ve never seen anything like it.

    What are the actual dimensions of UnoDueTre for all the different setups?

    Exterior 100*64,4*133,2cm
    mattress 120*60cm
    packed 130*20*16cm

    exterior 128,8*64,4*30cm
    mattress 120*60cm

    exterior 128,8*65*35cm
    mattress 120*60cm

  • If I want to change my Dyyni from being a wrapped textile to a visible edge how do I do this?

    Dyyni comes with two convenient types of cover: wrapover the edge and edge-revealed. Simply choose the alternative addition and order.

  • How do I order new fabrics for my Dyyni?

    You can order either simply by selecting from available colours and then contacting us.

  • Can I have graphics like logos on the Dyyni?

    We can both paint and engrave the back of the Dyyni, however the standard will still going to be the Nyytli logo imprint.

  • Is there only one style of Gulliga?

    Gulliga is presently available in one style but in the future will be available in different materials and shapes.

  • What paints are the best for Gulliga?

    Any child-safe paint will do.