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Children's furniture with Scandinavian Style

The Brand Comfort - style - originality + safe, fun environment

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The Nyytli StandardComfort-style-originality + safe, fun environment

Nyytli Finnish products create a fun environment in a environmentally friendly way. Our raw materials are natural and non-toxic.

They are easy to use and tested for safety to meet CE/UK standards. (See applicable certificates below.)

Propriatary designs created by the Nyytli team are original in both look and function. This is Nordic minimalistic style and functionality at its best. Pleasant, attractive and easy to use, which means fun for the whole family.

The Nyytli mission Making life enjoyable

Nyytli (pronounced Neatly) was created to share practical family ideas to suit both child and parent. The UnoDueTre and in fact all our products are designed to increase freedom and fun. Our objective is to bring you and your child closer together, provide diligent attention to comfort, convenience and safety. This lead us to design the kind of furniture and accessories that children and parents will find reassuring and lovable.

As safe as our products are, we still wanted to maintain playfulness, like for example introducing the Castello addition to our UnoDueTre. Though we always emphasize safety in our products, we still maintain a playful attitude as the Castello addition to the UnodueTre shows.

Our products are not only well designed but dedicated to making both busy parents and their young ones happier.

Our imaginative, efficient and easy-to-use furniture and accessories will enhance the quality of your everyday life.

We work only with accredited Finnish experts in children’s furniture. Our products have been carefully tested and passed by licensed experts in children's furniture to meet EU standards. This means designers and product developers who are continually searching for suitable and safe designs for attentive parents.

It goes without saying that the needs of newborn babies and children come first. But parents are important too. Therefore, at Nyytli we have made it our mission to create products that benefit both you and your child from day one.

The Nyytli storyHow it all got started

The first products were designed in 2011 when our main designer Ulf's son was born.

The origin was practical. Ulf and his wife, being new parents, went in search of a baby bed to meet the needs of the new family. Surprisingly, they couldn't find what they wanted.

Each option lacked something, Says Ulf: "I wanted to create a universal bed that anyone could put together and put away with equal ease, something that catered to parent's requirements and the child's comfort and safety.

Endless hours were spent on designing and re-designing, prototyped, building and testing it until we finally hit upon what seemed to be the perfect solution.

Whilst we developed the The Uno, we also experimented with other products ideas, exploring the different ways in which each new product could be safer, more satisfying, more suitable and more fun. That's right. Our design intention was to make it playful, yet meet needs and fulfill a desire.

The DueTre, for example, is a clever addition to the Uno which extends the life of the original another few years into the child's life. The Gulliga animal-shaped hangers were designed to capture the child's imagination. Coupled with the Hango, child-sized clothes rack, it gave the boy a sense of organization and responsibility in choosing and caring for what he wore.

Needless to say neighbours and friends grew curious after

What people say about Nyytli products

First of all, I don't think you can go wrong ordering anything from this company! I ordered Hango and Uno from Nyytli and I have not been disappointed. Plus, the customer service is real and they are very, very kind and helpful! I ordered a Uno for my son and we had it for 2 years without any problems. We ordered the Hango later and he really enjoys hanging his own clothes and choosing what he wants to wear. He has climbed all over the bed and it is very stable. You can't go wrong with this bed or this company! Great place to buy baby furniture!

Marzena, Warsaw

My little brother is really happy in his own room now. He is only 3 but he is happy in his UNO bed. It is his bed. He never had another one! It’s really cool how much he loves it. He won’t sleep anywhere else.


Leena loves to play with her clothes. She is always arranging and re-arranging her outfits. She does it all by herself. Without any help. In fact she does not want any help! She can keep order herself with Nyytli Hango and Gulliga. It’s like a game for her! Thanks for creating such a fantastic addition to our home.

Mikaela, Sweden